21 May 2009

Die Sowlenjahzzen!

Today, I have for you a new-ish cover of a classic Soul Jazz jammy, the original of which was on my podcast for Simple Harmonic Motion. Have you checked that site out yet like I told you to? There's over a dozen other shows besides mine and they're all very tasty. Just do it, already...

So anyways, the song covered is Doug Carn's "Western Sunrise", and the dudes covering it are called Intuit, a couple of German dudes. Of course. Because Americans don't like classic American music. They like Lady Gaga now. Sigh... Anyhoo, the Shnitzengruben-eatin' fools did recruit a veritable Soul Jazz legend, Mr. Andy Bey to sing this one, and he rules... then they got Japanese DJ Toshio Matsuura, who's one of the guys from United Future Organization to do the remix, and he rules, too.... so basically this track rules...

Intuit - Western Sunrise (Toshio Matsuura Remix) (ysi)

In my write-up for the podcast, I mentioned how the Soul Jazz was the basis for the Broken Beats of today, so... see? Huh? See? This is like what I said, see? Ha! Told ya.

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