28 May 2009

Brazilian Beauty

I'm not sure but I think it's been quite a while since I've posted some proper Brazilian business 'round here... let's fix that today.

When it comes to current Brazilian chanteuses, everyone knows Bebel Gilberto, but she has some competition in the form of Ms. Rosalia De Souza. Who? Well, Rosalia doesn't have the immensely famous family, but she does have the same last name as the great Brazilian tromboner Raul De Souza, so let's just go ahead and start the rumor that she's his daughter here at Tonegents, okay? Good. Done. Actually, Rosalia left Brazil for Italy to get her start, finding a champion in Nicola Conte, and we all know how the chicks dig Nicola. Sure. Anyhoo, how about some brand new old-school Samba with vocals that'll make yer pants get twitchy...

Rosalia De Souza - Amanha (ysi)

You're gonna like her even more after checkin' this YouTubes...

You ever see Bebel Gilberto rock the shaker like that? Didn't think so! Recognize the game, foo! :P

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