06 May 2009

One crazy bitch...

The fine line between genius and insanity... usually depends on how much drugs are consumed, true... but here's someone who walks it, one way or the other...

Admittely, I'm a little bit behind the pack on this one. Everyone else was raving about Erykah Badu's latest record months ago, but somehow I just now managed to get my grubby paws on it. And I gotta tell ya, everyone else was right. New Amerykah is onsumuthasheeit, man. I mean, it became apparent on her Worlwide Underground tour, or the 2 1/2 hour Earth Mama Freakout as I dubbed it that night, that the sassy hood sister of "Tyrone" may have just been an act and Erykah Badu was, in fact, totally batshit crazy. In a good way. And this record just proves it. So freaking weird... and so freaking good. Put it on my retroactive Best of 2008 list, for sure...

Erykah Badu - My People (ysi)

Honestly, just taking one track out of this album does it an injustice, so you better go pick up the whole thing... before this crazy bitch finds out you haven't. Because I don't know what might go down if she did... :P


Anonymous said...

nice :) i like this blog, and song!
check it!
:) ima watch you babes


Tonegent said...

Thanks :)

I'll keep an eye on your blog, too... looks like you're off to a nice start!