26 April 2010

It's so easy when I let Douridas do all the work...

Gah, Monday. Rainy and cold and Monday-like. Let's try to make it slightly less shitty with a catchy Pop music ditty now, shall we?

So... another recurring feature around here that got pre-empted by Blog-achella was the occasional "Tone Heard A Good Song On KCRW, So Here It Is" post. Well, I heard a good song on KCRW a few days ago, Chris Douridas being the culprit this time... so here it is: Two Door Cinema Club are a new Electro-Pop act out of Northern Ireland and I don't know if they're any better or worse than any of the other three million such bands out there today... but damn, this remix of one of their tunes by Brazilian team The Twelves is gonna be one of my summer jawns of 2010 for sure... Pop songs don't get much more perfecter than this...

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix) (ysi)

Cool steez coming from Kitsuné, who are branching out past their Fidget House roots quite nicely here. Someone get this shit on an iPod commercial, STAT!

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