29 April 2010

What's the matter, girl?

I present to you today one stressed-out looking chick. What gives?

If you read the bio, you'd think that Texas-born Soul singer Gloria Scott should have been bigger than she was. Not in the hips, in the popularity. Discovered by Sly Stone, mentored by Ike & Tina and then given the full protege treatment by Barry White... she had all the right people in her corner, for sure. Under White's tutelage, she released this debut album, which people consider a forgotten classic... and then that was it. The music business, she's a cruel mistress... maybe that's why Gloria looks so sad on the album cover. She knew! Or maybe it's because this is an album of break-up songs, top to bottom. But they are some sweet Soul music break-up songs, which tend to be the best kind...

Gloria Scott - What Am I Gonna Do (ysi)

So cheer up, Gloria Scott! You're super cool in our book...

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