09 September 2008

The best political site I've seen... and, of course, a little tune, too.

Sorry I missed ya yesterday. I was... um... eaten by hyenas, or something. But it's cool. I'm back now...

The Hi-Fi Killers were a Downtempo duo from Seattle of little-to-no acclaim... which is too bad, because they put out a couple of records in the late '90s that earned some heavy rotation from yours truly. Their first, this one here, was their best. All kung-fu/blaxploitation samples, funky horns and Hip-Hop beats... perhaps not far off formula, but very well executed...

The Hi-Fi Killers - Probable Cause (ysi)

Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

And before I go today, I have to point you out to the most amazing website ever for someone who wants the real scoop as far as this little election thing goes. It's a joint venture between the St. Petersburg, FL (I know, bizarre) paper and the Congressional Quarterly called the Truth-O-Meter, in which they take claims made by the 4 Prez/VP candidates and stand them up against the cold hard facts to tell you just how true these statements are. And even though I'm Obama all the way, this site will call him out when he tries to bullshit, too. So it ain't no "evil left-leaning media". Absolutely essential reading. Vote, bitches!

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