24 September 2008

Bonus Post: Jesus Is My Selectah

This is just too good not to post... an extremely amusing audio/video mash-up of some wikked Drum & Bass and some insane Jesus freaks who are... um... feelin' it, to say the least...

That works on so many levels. One the one hand, it's funny as hell, on the other hand it's scary to think these people are that caught up in their ol' time relijun... and they're the ones that support McCain & Palin. And Bush for that matter. You want these people in charge? Me neither! Vote Obama!

And since I can't just post without including a tune, here's a tune. I don't have my full library at my fingertips right now, or else I'd have some of that hard techstep biznezz for ya, so you'll just have to settle for an old-school Metalheadz roller by Dillinja with a vaguely appropriate title...

Dillinja - The Angels Fell (ysi)


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