17 September 2008


Yet more gangsta rap today, I guess the shuffle is feelin' that you betta recognize...

I don't know how many of you will remember '90s Hip-Hop act Onyx. They had their one hit, "Slam", from their one good album, this one... and that was pretty much it. Yeah, yeah, they are seemingly still around in some form but, well, so are a lot of people. But although that sounds like a dig, they were better than you remember. All bald heads, bad attitudes and worse spelling, they were a pet project of Jam Master Jay after all, and if you check out this beat, you'll see that that is a pretty good thing to be...

Onyx - Stik 'N' Muve (ysi)

What's that you say? Another marginal old school Hip-Hop group that sounds better than the so-called "best" of today. I am so surprised! Now get off my lawn, ya noisy kids!

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