26 September 2008

Hard times call for good music

So it seems that economy is about to explode like a frog that had a firecracker stuck in it's mouth by a half-retarded little kid (whose name may be George)... and all the bigwigs are down there fighting over bail out plans and getting nowhere. But ya know, the solution to this problem is simple... Mike Huckabee!


Let me explain... If you don't remember, Mike Huckabee is tight with Chuck Norris! Mike controls the ChuckSignal, yo! Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick Wall Street right out of it's funk and then make sweet beard-love to it and soon the streets would be paved with gold and everyone would get free bunnies! It's so simple, dudes! Someone call Mike Huckabee and have him get the ChuckSignal shining! God, do I have to tell those folks how to do everything? Fucktards.

Anyhoo, House Music Friday will always be recession-proof...

Perhaps my most favorite practitioner of what the kids call the Tech House is one Mr. Jean F. Cochois, aka The Timewriter. His tunes are the opposite of "minimal"... they are Maximal! Very lush with the sounds, he is. And no, I have no idea why I just turned into Yoda just then, so don't ask...

The Timewriter - Here Comes The Sun (ysi)

His ambient dabblings under the JFC moniker are also quite nice to listen to. But more important than any of this is that you make sure to turn on the debate tonight to see Barack Obama verbally skull-fuck John McCain. It's gonna be SWEET...

Have a great weekend!

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