05 September 2008

In which some guys do not suck...

Were gonna call it House-ish Music Friday this week... I'll explain...

Every now and then, one of the DJs on KCRW drops a tune that catches my fancy and must be sought out immediately. This is one of those tunes. The group is called Suicide Sports Club, which is a really shit name, and the guys behind it are Brancaccio and Aisher, who usually make the Progressive House that I'm not terribly fond of. But this one is pretty interesting, sporting a 4/4 House beat with rapped vocals, so I'm not sure exactly what genre to put it in... but who really cares about that anyway?

Suicide Sports Club - I Don't Know (ysi)

The album's got all sorts of different styles going on... it's interesting to see some Cheez-House guys expanding their sound and not sucking. So kudos, boys! Have a great weekend!

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