19 September 2008

Another Large Tune

... which means that House Music Friday (Now 30% More Bacon-y Delicious!) pays a return visit to Chicago's Large Music for another jazzy Deep House gem...

So, this Jask guy has a pretty interesting background, unless you consider Thailand-born House producers based in Florida to be a dime-a-dozen. He's been around for a while now, putting out records on a variety of your favorite labels, and I hear he makes a Tom Yum Goong. Actually, I never heard that at all. Sometimes I just make stuff up about people to make them seem more interesting. Not that I'm saying Jask isn't an interesting fella. He may be able to regale you for hours with tales mysterious and delightful, but I don't know... I've never met the guy. Anyhoo, this track has lots of nice instrumental noodling around a chunky beat that keeps it very safely out of Wimpyland, which is unfortunately where a lot of noodly, jazzy House sometimes ends up livin'...

Jask - Reflections Of Love (ysi)

No wimpiness there. And I hope there is no wimpiness to your weekend, either. Peace out!

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