04 September 2008

Ice Ice... Bee-yatch!

Mixin' up the format a bit today to feature two closely related artists and two of the greatest thespians of our time...

Yep, we're talkin' 'bout the Ice Brothers, T and Cube... two of the earliest heroes of Gangsta Rap. How about a little side-by-side comparison on some of the major categories...

Real Name:

Ice-T: Tracy Marrow
Ice Cube: O'Shea Jackson
Edge: Ice Cube wins this one, because Ice-T has a girl's name... but I'm not gonna be the one to tell him that... no way...

Rap Name:

Ice-T: Ice-T
Ice Cube: Ice Cube
Edge: For a couple of guys who are two of the hardest cats ever in rap, they got some pretty wimpy names... One names himself after a cool, refreshing beverage (what, "Lemonade" was taken? "Sunny D" not "hard" enough?) and the other takes it further by naming himself after a small piece of frozen water usually placed inside a cool, refreshing beverage. And a nice tall glass of delicious iced tea with some cold ice cubes in it does not make me fear that I'm about to get my cap peeled... Verdict? Fail.

Greatest Acting Achievement

Ice-T: Ice-T is a decent actor... real good in New Jack City, I like him in Law & Order... he makes a good cop... but nothing compares to his work in the classic (Classic!) Leprechaun: In The Hood. Witness...

Oscar better recognize, foo!

Ice Cube: I think most would agree that Cube has had the bigger acting career, playing excellent starring roles in three of the best Black films of the last however many years, Boyz N The Hood, Friday & Barbershop. Drama, comedy... versatility! But alas, if only all of his film choices were that good. To wit...

To use and extremely out-of-place interjection... Oy vey!

Edge: Ice Cube, but he ain't helpin' himself lately...


Ya know, I can't really choose either one. They're both among the best ever. Here's a randomly selected track from each... so how about you stop making me do all the work and decide for ya self!

Ice-T - You Played Yourself (ysi)

Ice Cube - Who's The Mack? (ysi)

Okay, enough of this, football is on! FOOTBALL IS ON! WOO-HOO!

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