16 October 2007

Italians do it better

So it has occured to me that I missed the big Blogger Enviromental Dip-de-doo Day yesterday... hey, I talked about hippies in my post. Hippies love that enviroment shit. So close enough.

Today's artist is no hippie, but he is Italian, which means he has some personal hygiene issues of his own. (I'm Italian so I can say that. You however... don't even try) Nicola Conte first showed up on Thievery Corporation's ESL music, but for this record, he went all the way to Blue Note so he could impress the ladies with his Jazz street cred. Chicks dig Blue Note. Anyhoo, Nicola went, as you might imagine, from more of an electronic bossa sound (on ESL? get outta here!) to a straight-ahead jazz vibe with real players (on Blue Note? get outta outta here!) and the results are quite nice...

Nicola Conte - The In-Between

Yup, ol' Nicola's up to his ears in tail these days, I assure you. I even found some live footage... that's him on guitar...


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