14 September 2009

Funkier than week-old Naan

I got some good news just a while ago! Tonegent happy! Is super happy fun blog music time WHEEEEE!

Hey, look! Cornershop is back! Awesome exciting! I like them! They make good music for dancing feet and thirsty ear! Come do the joy dance!

Okay, enough of that...

But seriously, I am quite happy to see Tjinder Singh and his cronies back on the scene after 7 years. I thought they were dunzo. And cool thing is... this sounds exactly like a Cornershop album. Tight, catchy guitar tracks with a sprinkling of the funky and experimental side (which I have always preferred, of course... not hatin' on the Pop songs, just sayin'). Here's a more leftfield track, but there's more than a few next "Brimful of Asha"'s on here, so never fear...

Cornershop - Free Love (ysi)

I really hope they tour this record in America, as they put on an amazing show. Fingers crossed! Fuzzy anticipation! Splashing you with pleasure juice! Wait, what?

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