25 September 2009

Like this!

House Music Friday is rockin' it '91 style today, yo...

I know very little about this record, except that it's one of my all-time favorite old-school underground NYC jammies. I thought at one point that Houz' Neegroz was some kind of Masters At Work side project, but I was wrong. Kinda like I was wrong about the Eagles winning last week. Nah, not that wrong. I don't know what the hell I was thinking on that one...

Houz' Neegroz - How Do U Luv A Black Woman? (ysi)

"Like this!" has to be one of my favorite vocal sample cues evar. Major kudos to Jez from Innersounds for hooking me up with this MP3 as I have been looking for it for years, no joke. The blog-o-sphere brings us all together! Huzzah!

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