05 November 2009

Geekin' out

Let's take a break from the "A" section of my iTunes to hear one that popped up in the car the other day that I quite like.

Not too sure who this Smoove guy is but I can tell you from the pictures on his site, he's a ripe old geezer. Seriously, like creepy old. Makes some funky shit though. I really dig the lyrics in this one, although there are some extremely British references and you have to be a pretty huge music geek to know why the line "Keb Darge buys his vinyl from me/As if" is funny. I, of course, fit that description to a T...

Smoove - As If (ysi)

... although I'm really far, far past the point of caring if I'm a geek or not... which as we all know makes me extremely cool... Take me down to Paradox City! See? That joke was geeky as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...

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