12 November 2009

Nerds don't do Playboy shoots... or do they?

I have been up to my tits in new Dubstep records all day... so here's some obscure French '70s Funk...

There is very little information out there about Ben & The Platano Group, but really... who wants to fill their head up with useless things like "facts" and "knowledge". That shit's for nerds. Oh, wait. I'm a nerd... hmmmm... Anyhoo, most of the album funks harder than this one, but this is where the shuffle landed and everybody loves a little "wakka-wakka" guitar, no?

Ben & The Platano Group - Culzean (ysi)

So that's all well and good, but certain things are better. Like this video. I'm the only person that talks in it, just so's ya know... and not to be a dick about it, but... yes, my job is better than yours. Suck it.

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