06 November 2009

Rollin' with my homies

House Music Friday is keepin' it in the family today...

I've mentioned before that I have friends that are far better at music than I am, and here's one of 'em. Sebastian Ciceri is his name, and pimpin' is his game. Well, not really, but that was a dope rhyme, yo. Homey is a crazy skilled bass player and electronic beatmeister, and his latest release is 100% dancefloor goodness... is it breaks-y house or house-y breaks? Either way, if I told you it was Plump DJs or Stanton Warriors, you would believe me, that's how fat these beats is...

Sebastian Ciceri - Groove Nation (ysi)

You need to now proceed to his website and buy it!

While you're there, check out Seb's "Moonlit Heavy" releases for a more cinematic experience and the special secret photo section for hot man-on-man action. Okay, maybe I made the second part up... have a great weekend, peeps.

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