09 August 2010

Hey, remember this?

Well, do ya?

Remember Beth Orton? She was pretty cool, right? She started her career by boinking William Orbit, which led to appearances on a couple of his Strange Cargo albums and work with The Chemical Brothers, which made her the hip folk-tronica girl of the late '90s... and then she followed that up with a string of albums that maybe we're quite as electronic as you'd hoped but were still some nice acoustic singer/songwriter stuff with a little bit of synthy goodness. Nice husky voice, too. Remember her? Here's one she first did on the Strange Cargo Hinterland album, then came out with this stripped down version on her own debut record...

(DMCA'd? Really? F to the O.)

Remember that one? Huh?

Wish I had a better running joke for today's post? (You don't have to answer that one, I think we all know what you'll say...)

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