04 August 2010

I pity da foo that don't like this record

All I need is a snappy opening sentence for today's post and I'll be ready to go...

There's not a ton of information out there about sax man/jazz flute playa Rudolph Johnson... he released two records on the esteemed Black Jazz label and that seems to be it. Don't know why there were only two considering the quality of the tunes, because they are Soul Jazz hotness... I like to think that shortly after recording the second one he left the music business to pursue a career as a crocodile wrestler, because that would be pretty damn badass, don't you think?

Rudolph Johnson - The Highest Pleasure (ysi)

Go ahead on over to the newly re-animated Black Jazz website to buy this and pretty much everything else you see. Foo! (Sorry, watched some A-Team re-runs this weekend...)

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Thanks for the introduction.