10 August 2010

The Passion Of The Pete

Today the shuffle finally brought me around to something I'm quite frankly shocked that I've never blogged upon. FOR SHAME!

Say what you want about Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ... and it's a hard movie to figure out - upon first viewing I thought it was genius (because I was in college at the time so OF COURSE I did) but watching it more recently I found it hard to stop cracking myself up imagining Harvey Keitel to suddenly morphing into The Wolf and dropping F-bombs all over the place. "Jesus, what the fuck are you doing alive? You need to do what I say and get the fuck back up there before I tell Marcellus of your little change of plans and you end up with a few more holes in ya, understand?" And don't get me started on Willem Dafoe. If Jesus had really been that creepy, I doubt the whole Christianity thing would have been such a big hit. But regardless, there's no debate that Peter Gabriel's score is one of the best in the history of film, and if you disagree with that, I will fight you. Amazing North African/Middle Eastern sounds with just the right amount of synth textures = one of my desert island discs...

Peter Gabriel - The Feeling Begins (ysi)

As far as I can tell, ol' Pete never toured this music live, which is quite unfortunate. However, whilst navigating the Tubes of You, I did stumble across this Italian ensemble who went ahead and did it themselves...

Nailed it. But just FYI, I went to this guy Francesco's home page and it prominently features his other project, a Genesis cover band, so A) now I get it and B) NOPE.

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