12 August 2010

Learning to properly misspell

What's in a (rap) name?

There comes a time in every young rapper's career, very early on, when they must make a decision that they will have to live with forever... perhaps the most important decision they will ever make. No, it's not whether to stay indie or go major... it's not whether to pick up the bong or put it down... it's not even whether or not to bang the hootchie with the peg leg and three kids who looks good anyway because you just slammed 3 bottles of overpriced Cognac. It is, of course, the choosing of one's rapper name. Brooklyn MC/Producer Milton Campbell did it right when he came up with Ohmega Watts. That's shit's catchy. That shit's got levels, yo! Then you get the dude who joins him on the track (from his excellent 2nd album on Ubiquity), who goes by Genahral Victor. Dude you can't just spell a word wrong for the hell of it. Spelling "general" like that does not make it cooler. It makes you look retarded. And don't get me wrong... I'm not the kind of white person that's going to make fun of misspelled rap words just to be white. I see how "grillz" is far superior to "grills". I think Ludacris is a great rapper name. Shit, I don't even know how to spell that properly. What's my point? Oh, right. "Genahral" is fucking stupid...

Ohmega Watts - Memory Lane (ft. Genahral Victor) (ysi)

What, you were expecting me to talk about the music? What are you, new?

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