11 December 2007

Gilles does Japanese Jazz

A man-crush is a strong thing, dear readers...

... which is why today we turn to Gilles Peterson's contribution to the Shibuya Jazz Classics series, which highlights the apparently quite happenin' Japanese Jazz scene of the '70s. I got nothin' on this artist, except that he's a Japanese saxophonist, which I'm pretty sure you could have figured out on your own. But hey, if Gilles picked it, you know it's gotta be good, and this little number, anchored by its sweet bassline and off-beat rhythm, does not disappoint...

Koichi Matsukaze - Under Construction (ysi)

You can pick this sucker up at Dusty Groove, which is an amazing place for all things funky.

And I'll leave you today with this hi-larious article about the 9 most unecessary greatest hits albums of all time. Make sure you check that out. Sayonara!

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