13 December 2007

You can smoke and snort and bump and shoot...

... yeah, I think that just about covers your options.

So what's with the drug reference? Well, it's one of the lyrics in today's selection, a rockin' number from the great South African musician Hugh Masekela. And I love the lyrics in this song. It's almost like Hugh wrote it for the Britneys, Lindsays & Parisises of the world, only like 30 or 40 years ago. You don't believe me? Give it a listen...

Hugh Masekela - Head Peepin' (ysi)

Do I lie? Hehe... as a matter of fact, I think someone needs to cover this baby with some updated lyrics. I just gave you your idea for your first #1 hit there, folks. You better run with it... and I want my 10%!

Btw, this record is way out of print... but you know what to do.

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