04 December 2007

This is Tonegent's new blog post. He thinks it sucks ass.

Some funky, electric, psychedelic blues, anyone?

So this album must have the oddest title ever, huh? It's true, blues legend Howlin' Wolf was not too fond of this record at all, even referring to it as the "Dog Shit Album" in interviews. Come on, man, don't hold back... tell us how you really feel! I guess the record label made him do it, and since he was a 60-year-old codger at the time, he wasn't really feelin' the whole plugged-in vibe. I can hear it now... "This electic geetar is too loud! My sciatica's actin' up! It's drafty in here, goddamn it!" Must have been a great time. But you know what, despite all that, it's really pretty awesome. Hot guitar licks, some funky-ass drumming and that powerful voice... the best word I can use to describe it is "raw as fuck"... yes I know that's three words, don't mess with me...

Howlin' Wolf - Evil (ysi)

This sucker is looooooong out of print and has never been reissued on CD either, so once again I have one word... "Google Blog Search"... I said don't mess with me... :P


Anonymous said...

This album by Howlin' Wolf was briefly issued on CD in Japan this year. I know cause I have a copy on CD.


JamesD said...

I once tried too hard once. I loved it but I pulled a muscle.