20 December 2007

Love is da shit

Does it seem like there is a lot of music from the Bay Area featured on this blog? Well, that's probably because there is...

... and this time, we're venturing across the Bay Bridge to Oaktown and the debut album from Michael Franti and Spearhead. They used to just be Spearhead, but methinks someone might be on a little ego trip lately because that's how they're billed now. How exactly do you propose that sort of name change to your band without coming off like a total douche, huh? Just askin'. But possible douche-ness aside, Spearhead has been churning out some of the best Hip-Hop/Funk tunes around for over a decade now, and it all started with this record. Not sure if todays' song was ever released as a single, but it's actually my favorite on Home, even above the tunes that got the radio/MTV play... dude is a great lyricist, both political and poignant...

Spearhead - Love Is Da Shit (ysi)

And Spearhead will always get bonus points from me, as many bands have over the years, for playing a memorable set at Coachella... I'm in this video somewhere... I'm the guy in the hat :P

Tomorrow, the obligatory Christmas music post!

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