08 August 2008

Large Love

House Music Friday is gettin' all loved up...

... which is an incredibly clever lead in to today's track by Mr. Chuck Love. Yeah, I impress myself sometimes. Now, Chuck comes from the Deep House hotbed of-- wtf, Minneapolis?!?! Well howzabout that? Good to see that there are peeps in the Twin Cities fightin' the good fight against flaccid Indie Rock (because I know they have a lot of that there). But who cares about all that when you got Purple Jesus linin' up behind the quarterback up there? Man, I am stoked for football. Anyhoo, Large Music are also out of Chicago (he says, referring to yesterday's post as if it was like, memorable or something), and they are one of the few survivors of the recent mass-death of the great Deep House labels. And since they keep putting out tracks like this, it's easy to see why...

Chuck Love - Share It (Pool-Side Vocal) (ysi)

Very Naked Music, no? And that, as they say, is a good thing. I suggest you heed the title and play this at your pool party this weekend. Unless you don't have a pool, in which case, um... sucks to be you. Ah, I'm just teasin'... have a great one, folks!

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