13 January 2009

Don't piss off the kittens!

It's not like I spend my time clubbing baby seals or anything, don't get me wrong... but PETA must be the single stupidest group of people on planet Earth. The latest proof... their campaign to rename fish as "sea kittens". I... just... no.

Much less stupid than PETA is the Tru Thoughts label, who as I've told you can do no wrong these days. One of the latest goodies from them is this compilation of Hip-Hop tunes from a number of their artists. Here we have label stalwart TM Juke, who among other things produced the new Alice Russell record, with rhymes by the purportedly Canadian Bread & Water, who I can't find jack about so obviously they must not be very important :P ...

TM Juke - Get It Together (ft. Bread & Water) (ysi)

But seriously, "sea kittens"?!? Next thing you know, they'll want us to call spiders "web kittens" and snakes "tube kittens". If I was a real kitten, I'd be pissed...

Damn straight! Who wants their eyes clawed out?

Actually, I think whoever came up with this idea should be clubbed to death with a baby seal... who's with me?

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