21 January 2009

Welcome to the waffle house

Was it just me, or did Barack Obama look like he'd had a couple glasses of champagne in the limo last night? I say because a) that would be awesome and b) he was acting pretty goofy dancing at those balls and had a Cheshire Cat-like grin on his face the whole time. Of course, I probably would get a little loose, too, if I was him... it might just be last fun he has for, oh... the next 8 years...

Today, the Tonegents debut of IDM superheroes Autechre. Here's the thing about the IDM (which is, ironically, a pretty stupid name for a music genre)... most people see that tag and think that the music is going to be unlistenable experimental garbage, and to be sure a great deal of it is (I'm looking in your direction, Venetian Snares). But there's a reason groups like Autechre... well there's a reason you've actually heard of them. Because while they do go off the deep end sometimes, they also sometimes drop really warm melodies and surprisingly straightforward - dare I say, funky - beats. And this song actually has a little bit of both. It starts out with the straightforward part and ends with the experimental part. Which part do you like best?

Autechre - Vose In (ysi)

Me, I like 'em both. Because "waffle" is my middle name. Well one of 'em anyway. The ol' birth cerificate reads Tonegent Steve Waffle Hummingbird McTonesterson III. My parents were a bit odd...

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