09 January 2009

Too many Hippies!

It's the first House Music Friday of the new year... Huzzah!

For today's tune we go to sunny Denver, and the producer known as Hipp-E, which is a real unfortunate moniker to choose. Because I think we can all agree that nobody anywhere likes Hippies. Hippies' moms don't even like Hippies. When someone asks a Hippie's mom how said Hippie is doing, the mom more often than not looks down at her shoes, shrugs her shoulders and tells the person that the Hippie is dead. Even if they're in the next room. But luckily, the name is the only Hippie thing about Hipp-E, because the music is just bumpin' in-the-pocket goodness...

Hipp-E - Snap Jaxx (ysi)

And it's a good thing that Hipp-E is no Hippie, or else this might happen...

And with that, I promise to never use the word Hippie again in this blog... have a great weekend!

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