15 January 2009


So yesterday afternoon whilst checking my Google Analytics (because am indeed that much of a freaking dork) I happened to find out that my little blog had been mentioned in UK newspaper The Guardian's website. Wow, I thought, that's kind of a big deal! Think of all the new readers! I can't wait to see how many there are! Well, there were 12. 12 hits. Apparently... not that big of a deal. Thanks, though, Guardian... I guess... :P

So anyways, today we have Latin fire from percussion master Francisco Aguabella, another one of those guys who's been everywhere, played with everyone and recently gotten a boost in popularity thanks to re-issues and new music from Ubiquity Records. This one is big, fierce and way too fast for white people to dance to...

Francisco Aguabella - Casa Fuerte (ysi)

Wow, I just checked and today I've gotten a massive 7 more hits. Tonegents is goin' big time, folks... BIG TIME!

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