07 January 2009

United nations

Sometimes countries reach out across their borders and work together for the greater good... and sometimes they just bomb the shit out of each other. I'm gonna stay positive and focus on an example of the former...

Here's the kind of multinational collabo you gotta love... Finnish band Nuspirit Helsinki featuring Canadian vocalist Lisa Shaw remixed by British duo Capoeira Twins and released on American label Guidance. Can't we all just get along? Apparently, in this case... yes we can. As long as there's no Mongolians involved. Don't trust 'em. Anyhoo, this mix is in a UK Garage 2-step style... a style that's kinda gone the way of the dodo but still works for me. Bonus points for excellent wobbly bass...

Nuspirit Helsinki - Trying (Capoeira Twins Murakawa Remix) (ysi)

I think we should start a petition to bring 2-Step back. And if I had to let, say... Indie Rock die to make it happen, so be it! Yep, if I had to throw Vampire Weekend, Deerhoof and every other Pitchfork band into a boiling cauldron of oil to get me a new Artful Dodger record... well, consider it done!

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