30 January 2009

That's it? Really?

Coachella has historically been kind of a big deal around here. Being based in SoCal, I went to the first 6, had some of the best times of my life and really it was one of the events around which my whole year was based. The festival started out as kind of our own little thing here, but of course grew into a thing big thing that drew the (frankly unwanted) attention of the unwashed masses. I missed the last couple because of work commitments, and was pretty pissed about it. This is the year I don't think I'm gonna be pissed anymore.

(Click to embiggen)

Now, there WILL be more acts added, particularly in the Sahara Tent, per the Coachella reps on the message boards. And if the reunited Orbital is on that list, you can forget what I just said. I'm there. BUT, if not... so be it. Maybe I'm just old... oh wait, if I was that old I'd be thrilled with the likes of Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen, et. al... so scratch that. The lineup just isn't that exciting. I am not feeling the excitement. I need to feel excited to spend that much damn money! But hey, there are plenty of nice acts on there... acts that I have not covered here at Tonegents, and maybe we'll discover some that get me excited... so Blog-achella begins Monday. But today is Friday, so here's some House music...

Fittingly, it's a Chicago connection today, as new(ish) Chi-town kid James Curd gets his shit remixed by old Chi-town pro Derrick Carter, who as always brings the boompty-boomp...

James Curd (ft. J-Dub) - You Know What To Do (Derrick Carter Dub Mix) (ysi)

Have a great weekend... Monday we head to the desert!


Anonymous said...

Stumbling on your blog and not knowing anything about your musical tastes, I can clearly see that you are very much into the electro - hipster - dance & shimmy without lyrics. Perhaps you should be attending WMC and not Coachella.
Last year's lineup was crap - mainly because it catered to your kind of tastes, when Coachella was born to rock, not roll...on E.
McCartney - ugh. I do not listen to him, no. However - he's a classic, a former member of the Beatles and perhaps Coachella is trying to remind us that music comes in many forms and that the leaders from way back deserve recognition, instead of the two-minutes-of-fame type that rock the Sahara.
Leonard Cohen - do you even know anything about him? Another classic.
This year's lineup has some real talent: Black Keyes, Band Of Horses, TV On The Radio, The Cure, Michael Franti, Calexico, Ryan Bingham...with some expected disappointments.
I can only imagine you are completely drenched in hipster life and sadly, you'll only listen to beats and sounds that you can create on your little laptop instead of actually recognizing rock & roll.

jamie m. said...

Nobody ever says anything beautiful and positive under anonyminity (sp?). Coachella is (was) about music, and Tonegent knows music. All kinds. Keep up the great blogging Tonegent. We love you!

Tonegent said...

Thanks, Jamie M... you tell 'em! :P

Seriously, though, gotta love it when I get called a "hipster"... hah! Read more than one post before talkin' that smack, sucka.


Shawn said...

Sounds like anonymous might be in a failed rock band and is passing the blame off on anyone with a laptop. Granted there is some truth to the amount of homogeneous laptronica out there. But its even the same in "rock & roll". I come from that "rock & roll" world, as you know, and dabble in the other but still I am completely underwhelmed by the lineup this year as far as the headliners go. I too need to do some research on some of the other artists that will be there. There just may be some hidden goodies in there. I will let you know if I find any gems.