29 May 2007

Bad girls / Talkin' 'bout the bad girls...

Well, my three days off weren't quite as exciting as Lindsay Lohan's, but they were pretty good nonetheless. We need her rehab and Paris' jail stint made into a reality show, maybe some kind of competition... but make it hard. Plant piles of coke in Lindsay's room and give all of Paris' fellow inmates jewel-encrusted shivs and see who makes it out alive. Don't you think that would be the best thing that has ever aired on television? Just find out who I have to pay to make this happen, because I will sell as much sperm as I have to... okay, I may have just taken that bit too far. Music!

And we'll start the week with a track from the Fifth Anniversary compilation by Turntables on the Hudson. These guys are a gang of DJ's from NYC who put on this regular party, and damn... I wanna go! Actually I saw them spin once and they were incredible. Some of the funkiest shit I've ever heard. Very organic and raw and just grrrr! I don't know where these records come from, or why no one else seems to play them, but I suppose the mystery is part of the fun. I also got no idea who Banda Favela are, but here you go...

Banda Favela - Samba De Ile (Waiwan Remix)

Now, Waiwan is a name I think I've heard before, however, maybe on some Compost stuff? Hmm... anyhoo, heck of a track there. There are 6 Turntables of the Hudson volumes out there. Go get 'em all... but save some money to donate to the Paris/Lindsay Reality Show project! You KNOW you want to see it!

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