18 May 2007

The man with the fat soundtrack

How about a group living up to their name?

I've been getting into The Cinematic Orchestra more and more over the last year or so, especially since I copped the live set from Vancouver that has been squishin' around in the interweb tubes (go find it... it won't be hard ;) ). Their sound is just so lush and warm and um... cinematic. Really Tone? You don't say? Man, you are so deep... they must pay you to come up with brilliant insights like that!

I wish. Anyhoo, The Man With The Movie Camera is the one work of theirs which was actually composed for a real film, a film with an awesome poster, btw. Check out this baby...

What do they call that style of art?

So they had a film festival in Portugal in the year 2000 and they asked The Cinematic Orchestra to perform a live score to the movie and voila, here's a sample...

The Cinematic Orchestra - Reel Life (Evolution II)
The Cinematic Orchestra - Man With a Movie Camera

Great stuff. And thanks to the magic of the YouTubes, here's a clip from the film along with T.C.O's score...

Trippy shit, eh?

Finally, they have just released a new album, too, so you might want to check that out. It's a bit different, way stripped back from their normal sound. See what ya think...

... and have a great weekend!

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