15 May 2007

This is not my beautiful Salsa!

A glimpse into the formative years today...

You know I have a thing for the Latin music, what with the horns and the bongos and whatnot, but strangely, this thing pretty much started with, of all bands, Talking Heads and their final studio album, Naked. If my memory serves me (and it rarely does anymore :P ), I picked this up on my senior year school trip to London. So, I'm expecting, I don't know, something like "Burning Down the House", and I pop this tape (you heard me, tape!) in and all of a sudden today's song starts playing and I'm like Moe from The Simpsons...


It grew on me though, and then David Byrne's latin-themed solo album Rei Momo (which is awesome) came out shortly thereafter (I think), and I was in. Hey, you get it from where you can when you grow up in a small town. There weren't exactly any Latino (or Black or Asian or Non-White of any kind) people around, so I had to learn about the Latin vibes from some of the whitest people you can think of. But whatever, it did the job!

Talking Heads - Blind
Talking Heads - Naked

I would pay big bucks to see a Talking Heads reunion, but apparently David Byrne is a huge cock and the rest of his former bandmates hate his guts, so I guess I won't hold my breath on that one...

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