24 May 2007


You may start to sense a pattern here...

... as once more we turn to the good folks at Ninja Tune for today's selection. You Are Beautiful At All Times is the debut of Houston musician Joe Corrales, a.k.a. Yppah. Kind of sounds like something Speedy Gonzalez would say, huh?

"Yppah! Yppah! Andale! Arriba!"

But alas, this is no Mariachi music. It's atmospheric electronica with a healthy dose of heavily effected guitar and punchy beats (which figures, since according to his bio he has been both a rock guitarist and a turntablist DJ - talk about jack of all trades). And while that description is pretty lame, the music is not. Have a listen...

Yppah - Cannot See Straight
Yppah - You Are Beautiful At All Times

Be sure to check out the Sade remix on his Myspace, it's pretty wild.


And since the sound is kinda sorta similar, I'm gonna take this opportunity to direct you to another artist with a Myspace page, a good friend of mine, Mr. Shawn Lyon, who produces under the moniker Delicate. This guy is also a super-talented guitarist/knob twiddler despite the fact that he is from Idaho. Seriously, I thought all they had up there was snow and potatoes. Expect his music to be at a record store/on a big screen near you in the very near future.

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