22 May 2007

On Planet Dub, the trees smell really good

I must ask that you don't let the horrendous cover art scare you off of this one :P

... cuz, ya know, a giant, crazed space moth smoking a huge doobie can send, um, mixed signals, I suppose. But never fear! This is actually a pretty good 2-disc set from the now defunct Planet Dog Records, which had a good run in the '90s as one of the better trance-related labels, featuring Eat Static and Children of the Bong at the top of it's roster. Planet Dub features some pretty trippy, Orb-like electronic ambient/dub goodness and also some slightly more traditional-sounding dub selections, like this track by some dudes I won't even pretend to know anything about...

A.N.R. ft. Roots Lepkie - Rockers Rising

It may not be Lee "Scratch" Perry or Mad Professor, but it's pretty close. I gotta go now, though. I need to buy a can of Raid. That moth is freakin' me out...

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