08 October 2007

Columbus can bite me

Mondays blow. Especially fake-ass holiday Mondays that you still have to work on. Yes, non-U.S. readers, today is Columbus Day in the states, when we celebrate a dude that got lost trying to find India, but ended up discovering America totally by accident and generally ruined a bunch of Indians' days in the process... but not the Indians from India, but the Indians from America. Confusing, eh? Anyhoo, today's song has absolutely nothing to do with any of that...

... because it is some smooth, African-influenced Neo-Soul from London-by-way-of-Lagos singer Siji. And yeah, that was a terrible sentence, grammatically speaking... but reading this blog for the grammar is like reading The Anarchist Cookbook for the cupcake recipes... you're not gonna get too far. So I'll just shut up now and get to the music...

Siji - Watching You, Watching Me

Kinda like a Nigerian John Legend, eh? Maybe he should give Kanye a call... okay, maybe not.

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