19 October 2007

Some weekend preparation

It's the return of House Music Friday... because House is weekend-riffic. I love making up words. Fuck Webster's. They're just tryin' to oppress a brother's vocabulary with their "rules"...

As so many of the classic Deep House record labels have fallen off the map (Paper, Nuphonic, Guidance... the list goes on), luckily there have been new ones to take their place , and the UK's Freerange Records is easily one of the best of the newcomers. And the best place to start is with their "Colour Series" compilations. There are four of them out now, and they are all top quality. Here's a sample from the third. Now Switch are pretty well flogged in the blogs for their remix work, but not so much for their original jammies. Wassupwiddat? Tonegent to the rescue with a big, big tune right here...

Switch - Just Bounce 2 This (ysi)

I can only imagine the sigh of relief these guys will exhale, knowing that they have finally gotten this kind of exposure. I am also, of course, completely full of shit, but that's beside the point. Put it on loud, down a cocktail or two, dance around a bit, then head out and have a great weekend.

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