18 October 2007

Goodbye Summer!

For post number 200 (Virgos love milestones), I have decided to inflict upon you another Tonegent original production (Virgos love self-promotion), just finished a couple of days ago... kind of a bouncy, jazzy downtempo sketch of a thing.

Tonegent - Goodbye Summer (ysi)

Please feel free to leave any comments you have on how much you love or hate it.

BTW, You might notice that little link up there that says (ysi)... that's a Yousendit link. Now, I'm quite aware that Yousendit blows because you can't hear the track before you download and it only stays up for 7 days... so don't even bother. Click the song name like usual. The other link is just there so my posts will show up on Hype Machine (hopefully). Yes, Virgos love validation, too.

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