11 October 2007

In which I call Jazz writers some unflattering names

A new take on an old standard today...

I guess that would be called a cover version, no? But you never hear that term used in jazz, do ya? I suspect that is because people who write about jazz tend to be a bit fancy, read: snobbish twats. It's always a "reading" or an "interpretation" or some other such foofery. Look, this isn't a freshman poetry class, it's a record, ya ponce! A cover is a cover, and today, British act Two Banks Of Four delivers a ramped up, sorta Drum & Bass cover of the famous Mongo Santamaria composition - and I felt compelled to mention that because Mongo Santamaria might be the best name ever possessed by a human being - that was made most famous by Mr. Coltrane...

Two Banks Of Four - Afro Blue

Don't have the CD with me right now, or else I'd be able to be useful and tell you who those nice vocals are by... eh, pick up a copy and find out yerself! :P

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