02 October 2007

Flying Dutchmen

Some party music for ya today!

Now, I'm quite sure that the 3 Dutch producers who go by the moniker Kraak & Smaak in no way meant for their name to be some kind of thinly veiled drug reference. Because you know they don't tolerate any kind of drug use whatsoever in the Netherlands. You can't just walk down to a corner cafe and get high there-- oh, wait, never mind. But I mean, drugs and dance music... there's absolutely no-- hmm... okay, maybe they did mean it. Well, despite this fact, which I absolutely cannot believe, their debut album Boogie Angst (awesome name) is a funky good time, along the lines of Crazy Penis (even awesomer name) with their disco-influenced house and breaks. There needs to be a lot more music like this. Why? Because the girls love it, and take it from a DJ, if the girls aren't loving the music, your club will suck. It'll just be a bunch of dorky white guys nodding their heads. Sound like fun? Didn't think so. Anyhoo, here's my favorite track from the record...

Kraak & Smaak - One Of These Days (ft. U-Gene)

Makes ya wanna swang your thang, dunnit? Play for the ladies, DJs!

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