22 October 2007

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquariussssss!

Funny memories of this song...

Mark Mac and Dego, aka 4Hero have been innovators in D & B and Broken Beat for a long time, but this song here is a bit different. It starts off as sounding kind of like a Zero 7 song, all downtempo and acoustic like with the female vocal harmonies, but then in the chorus turns into this over the top "Age of Aquarius" freak-out. Like, a naked hippies running through a field in sychronized dance steps kinda thing. I guess a more flattering description would be to say it's a total '70s Soul Jazz choir kinda thing, but the "Age of Aquarius" joke never got old. To wit, a friend I used to DJ with would often play this song at cocktail loungey sort of gigs and forget how big and outrageous it got, only to remember too late, as folks started to give the DJ booth strange glances once the freak-out began. And he must have done this at like 10 straight gigs. Bizarre. Don't get me wrong though, it's a hell of a nice tune... just a bit, shall we say, big...

4Hero - Les Fleurs (ysi)

See what I mean? Love it!

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