06 August 2008

Fat boys and skinny girls

Time for some sample source fun...

... and a Philly Funk side from singer Ann Robinson, who I can't find jack about. On a compilation that's strangely unavailable for purchase anywhere. So if you're looking for much information today, you are shit out of luck. Well, except for the fact that you're getting an awesome tune. So stop your bitching already. Can you name the song that samples this one?

Ann Robinson - You Did It (ysi)

If you guessed Fatboy Slim's "Gangster Trippin'", you win a year's supply of Shitto!

Shitto... it's like a party in your mouth hosted by Paris Hilton!

What can I say, they're my only advertiser. And speaking of Paris... I know this vid is already everywhere, but it's pretty genius and post-worthy...

I'll see you at the debates, bitches.

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