21 August 2008

A Random Bonus Post...

... just to make sure this week stays all over the place musically...

I would have to describe my knowledge of the Blues as nascent at best, but it's a genre I'm learning more about thanks to certain dirty, dirty pirates helpful folks on the interwebs. For instance, I had no idea what a big deal Willie Dixon was. Just take a second and check out his Wiki there. I'll wait...



See? Hall Of Famer, yo! Of course, so is John Cougar Freakin' Mellencamp, so maybe that's not the right thing to hang your hat on... Anyhoo, this is a cool track that mixes the Blues, a nifty New Orleans shuffle beat and some background vocals that obviously set the pattern for early rock...

Willie Dixon - 29 Ways To My Baby's Door (ysi)

Now, I do have one issue with this song... if you listened to the lyrics, you might have noticed they're a bit, shall we say... fuckin' creepy...

"I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door
I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door
And if she needs me bad
I can find about two or three more

I got one through the basement
Two down the hall
And when the going gets tough
I got a hole in the wall

I can come through the chimney like Santa Claus
Go through the window and that ain't all
A lot of good ways I don't want you to know
I even got a hole in the bedroom floor

I got a way through the closet behind her clothes
A way through the attic that no one knows
A master key that fits every lock
A hidden door behind the grandfather clock"

Stalk much, Stalky Stalkerson? Yikes. Obviously Willie Dixon not only predated Rock & Roll, but also predated the restraining order...

Ba-dump Bump!

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