27 August 2008

The Samplers of Santiago

Because sampling never goes out of style...

It seems like the ol' cut-n-paste is back in vogue these days... I've come across a few series of records lately that are breakbeat-heavy sample-ramas. You got the Bomb Strikes series, the Insane Bangers series from Finger Lickin' Records, the stuff on Good Groove and G.A.M.M.... and the latest label to blip on my radar, Austria's Resense, who are, of course, the only ones without a Myspace for me to link to. Cocks. Put down the Vienna sausages and get on that shit already! Well, they may be crap at marketing, but at least the records are good. This one comes from some guys called Matenlo, from Chile of all places, and brings the Latin beats...

Matenlo - Woho (ysi)

If ya like that, they have a nice DJ mix of similar stuff available for free download on that Myspace... if their page doesn't make your eyeballs fall out, that is. Big post tomorrow as Tonegents celebrates a milestone!

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