29 August 2008

Obama said knock you out!

Well, it certainly is looking good for my man Obama right now, isn't it?

Before we proceed with House Music Friday, be sure and check out yesterday's 500th Post Spectacularrrrr, download the mix and enter the contest!

And now, the House music...

Spiritchaser is (are?) a couple of guys from the town of Chichester (pronounced CHEE-chester, I believe :P ), UK who make really nice, textured Tech House. Just a very warm sound, like a nice sweater... perfect 3 A.M. music...

Spiritchaser - Not Far (ysi)

And I'll dispense with the comedy today and just tell you to watch this...

If you SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLL what BARACK... is cookin!

Have a great weekend, I'll be back on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I live in Chichester and it's actually pronounced more like "Ch-i-chester" - a bit like a "Ch" + "High" + "Chester".

As far as I'm aware Spiritchaser is a duo that includes a guy called Richard Earnshaw who uses his own name to do soulful, US garage-style house tracks on labels like Soulfuric.

I could be really boring and mention that Chichester and the surrounding areas have also produced:
Sir Piers (who has worked with Earnshaw and ran a now defunct label called Curious Records),
Ed Funk (also collaborated with Piers & Earnshaw - now does funked-up drum & bass),
A Skillz (the renowned cut-up hip hop/breaks DJ) and
Krafty Kuts (world famous pioneer of breaks). Unfortunately, they never DJ in Chichester as there is only one club which is in a field and specialises in cheese-nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Obama says "thank you" 31 times before he starts his speech.

jjsquared said...

I saw this Obama Said Knock You Out parody music video that was awesome! Here is the link below: