01 August 2008

Le Sexay

House Music Friday brings you teh sexay this week...

... and like many sexay things, this comes from France, and more specifically Parisian producer Alexkid. Although really, I would have to give more of the sexay credit to singer Liset Alea, what with her being a smoking hot babe and Alex being yet another balding, pasty white dude and all... plus I'm gonna doubt that he has a sexy voice... although who knows? He could have a tenor so sultry it could turn you gay. But alas, we may never know...

Alexkid - Come With Me (ysi)

I would also recommend that you track down the Llorca remix of this song, which is more bangin' beat-wise and includes a nice sexay heavy-breathing interlude. Make that your homework and have a great weekend!

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