07 January 2010

What have you done with my vowels?!?!?!

The year, even the decade, may have changed, but some things never change here at Tonegents... for instance, if some act I've never heard of is suddenly the featured artist on Gilles Peterson's show, Im'ma go find me out sum-MO 'bout dat guy!

The dude up there in the kooky mask has been making waves under the name SBTRKT lately, as a feature spot on Worldwide will attest. The kooky mask is because he's another MYSTERY PRODUCERRRRRRR (Cue theremin/Vincent Price laugh). Hey, it worked for that Burial dude, right? Now... folks always like to think that it's someone famous behind the mask (even though in Burial's case it was just a bloke who more or less didn't want the bother of being recognized), which I think would only truly be awesome if the man behind the mask was someone so unexpected that you'd never, um... expect it and stuff. Like if it was, say, Ray J... think about that. Imagine if you found out this sick little 2-Step number... was by Ray J...

SBTRKT - Rekorda (ysi)

(As far as I can tell this one was given out gratis. So enjoy with a clean conscience... and clean underwear)

RAY J? WTF?!?!?... that would be somethin', huh? But... highly unlikely.

Oh, and you may want to go check out SBTRKT's page on my new favorite site, Soundcloud... the mixes are highly recommended...

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Jade Leonard said...

This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this - thanks so much for sharing.